Ciao I'm Samuele, a product designer based in Milan
I have always been fascinated by how people interact with objects, I am convinced that each person is a universe in itself, capable, in the span of a lifetime, of surrounding himself with objects with which he creates unique relationships and experiences over the years. I learned to translate these dynamics into objects capable of responding to certain needs.

I have undertaken this path to give meaning and vent to the creativity that has always characterized me; I love design precisely because it is often synonymous with freedom, I think it is a discipline free to range between concrete and the abstract, between the subjective and the objective, with the aim of giving greater value to what surrounds us.
2010 / 2016
Diploma perito chimico industriale
Galileo Galilei, Crema

2016 / 2019
Laurea in design del prodotto industriale
Politecnico di Milano, Milano

2019 / 2023
Laurea Magistrale in design&engineering
Politecnico di Milano, Milano
2021 apr-lug / Fabio Novembre studio

I worked with the product design team where I could
learn how the internal dynamics work in an architecture and design studio and the whole process of conceptualization and development of a commission.
2021-2022 / V12 design + Valerio Cometti
In this studio, I worked with the product design team developing complete projects: from the first sketches to the final presentation to the client. I learned more awareness of timelines and methods in product development.
Design skills
3D modeling
Concept development
Photorealistic rendering
Product research
UI/UX design
Creation of graphics, presentation and videos
Projects planning
3D printing management
Design tools
Rhinoceros - 5/5
Grasshopper for Rhino - 2/5
Inventor - 4/5
Solidworks - 4/5
Creo parametric - 4/5

Keyshot - 5/5
V-Ray - 4/5

Illustrator  - 3/5
Indesign - 4/5
Photoshop - 3/5
Procreate - 4/5
Microsoft office - 5/5
Simplify 3D - 5/5
Cura - 3/5
Blender - 2/5
Fusion 360 - 4/5
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